The Devon Cricket Board – Coaches Association 2006 Annual Report

The Coaches Association continues to provide the counties coach education programme and in conjunction with the ECBCA keep our members up to date. The changes in administration at the ECB Coach Education department have not caused too much disruption and the county have survived its first year as a UKCC Approved Centre being externally verified on two occasions receiving glowing reports. This is a tribute to our tutors and assessors and the county are in the process of signing off as many of our workforce as possible before the deadline at the end of March. The loss of Stuart Priscott to Chance to Shine was a blow as we lost a Field Based Tutor, Tutor and Assessor in one go. Stuart has been back to help us out and his help has been very much appreciated. Warren Carr, who was our last success on the now defunct ECB Level III, has attended training for tutoring and assessing and will enlarge our workforce, he already undertakes our first aid training. Andrew Fairbairn attended the pilot UK Cert III course and we will be looking to encourage him to consider taking on additional roles. The Board Chairman, Jim Wood, leads our Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshops so we are fortunate to be entirely self sufficient.


We have completed two UK CC Cert 1 courses and a UK CC Cert 2 course this winter and we will be looking to put on a similar programme in 2007/2008. It will also be the intention of the DCBCA to put on the six new Development Workshops that will allow coaches to qualify as Club Coaches and allow others to progress to Level III. We will also aim to hold the new Bridging course to allow old ECB Level I coaches to qualify as UK CC Cert 2’s and Young Leaders Course.


Mathew’s Theedom's increased responsibilities in the county have not diminished his contribution and he is organising a half day Coaching Conference at Exeter University in April when our AGM will also be held. There is a National Conference in January 2008 and it is hoped that the county will be well represented. The new MoU has increased demands on the Association and we will be looking for representatives to attend the four District Forums to liaise between them and the main Association.

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