Under 21s - Cornwall 2

           Terrible Toms

Toms was now entrenched in one of his worst ever innings – his thoughts not the writers and with the younger Bettiss put on 66 off 95. Toms self criticism revolved around the number of dots balls he faced and he felt he was putting his side under undue pressure – pure unadulterated rubbish. Under the circumstances it was vital that partnerships were built and although he was disappointed that in his final figures that he actually only scored off 17 of his 94 balls four of them were hit for six and another four also crossed the rope. Tom’s 54 was not only the highest score of the match but a vital one for his county. He was fourth out at 145 off 36 overs becoming young Robbins first wicket. The side had 82 balls to score 85 – what was the problem James? The Sandford pair of Marc Bettiss, who was on 24, and captain James Gibson took the total up to 173 and the countdown was now 57 off 46 as the rate started climbing. Bettiss put the ball in with the sheep but then next ball missed a straight one bowled by Robbins for an exciting 64 ball 49. The ask was now 40 balls 51 needed. Murray was stumped after a vital 31 run partnership with Adam Parker who was striking the ball cleanly. Twenty needed 19 balls left. The Barton boys Parker and Porter did it in 16 with Parker hitting a 22 ball 36 with 4 fours and two sixes. This was an excellent result taking into account the previous exhausting 48 hours with the final game against Dorset at Exmouth likely to decide the inaugural Southern Counties Competition.

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