Under 21s

1976 Revisited

With the older generation reliving 1976 this game was played in sapping conditions as the second official heat wave of the summer sizzled. Vice captain Nick Watkin needed to win the toss but Cornwall called heads and Devon were faced with 50 overs in broiling conditions. The home side was then subjected to a number of small, niggling partnerships with two exceptions both below 5 as they toiled away to good effect. The opening bowlers Tom Allin and Adam Parker kept their opponents to 1.7 runs an over for the first twelve with Allin inducing Robins to play too early to be caught at mid on by Josh Bess in the eleventh. Porter trapped the second opener leg before in the fifteenth over with 33 runs on the board. Adam Parker brilliantly caught Angove off Barlow on 56 with the visitors now scoring at 2.65. The opposition’s captain, Tunnadine, was still batting as he lost Churcher at 73, caught by Ross Acton off Matt Cooke and Cooke took his second wicket on 92 when Tom Allin took a catch to remove the injured Snell off Acton. Tunnadine finally succumbed on 114 after 39 overs when a diving Will Grainger held another fine catch off Scott Barlow. The end score was considered to be around 140 at this stage but Crane (39 off 42 balls in 28 minutes) and Bone took the score up to 134 after 42 when Porter gave Cooke his third victim. A further 37 were added for the eighth by Crane and Stephens with a skier missed but the fielder made up for the error shortly afterwards when he hit the stumps direct side on. Devon then tied it up bowling Cornwall out in the 49th when Tom Allin was too quick Fraser. All in all it had been an outstanding exercise in conditions some would not have experienced before even in South Africa.

Watkins message was to score at 3.52 to reach the side’s highest score to date this summer and the batters did the job in reaching 176 with nine balls to spare and losing four wickets. Josh Bess, who had run out of excuses to avoid playing, did what he was selected for to take the initiative. It was an interesting combination with Bess covering the 20 yards in three strides and his partner taking the full 20 paces. On 24 the long legs called the short ones for a decidedly risky single and Watkin came second by a long way. The captain is obviously maturing as he concealed his annoyance with great style. Richard Tucker continued where he had left off against the Island and is becoming a key batter in the side. Bess was caught on 45 for a good 43 ball 32. Tucker and David Wrench took the score up to 104 when Wrench was bowled by Robbins. The pair had been subjected to another first class spell from left arm spinner Smeeth who conceded just 10 runs in his spell of ten overs and removed Tucker on 106 with the second ball of his last.