The Inter District Under 13 Competition

for The Devon Cricket Board Jug

2003 Champions The North

North v South

South 146-3             (W.Bennett 24; M.Newman 55*)

North 147-9              (T.Forrester 32; D.Pickard 22; J.Whittram 32;

                                T.Whittle 3-28; C.Fitton 4-8)

North won by 1 wicket

Men of the Match North J.Whittram, South M.Newman.

West v North (Report available on reports page)

West 100 all out       (J.Whittram 3-16; G.Tidball 4-15)

North 102-6               (J.Kalsi 25*)

North won by 4 wickets

Men of the Match West N.Murray; North J.Whittram.

South v East (Report available on reports page)

East 151all out         (R.Debenham 26, E.Acton 22 Extras 58;

                               T.Grainger 5-37)

South 32-3

Match abandoned due to rain and bad light

Men of the Match South T.Grainger, East E.Acton

East v West

Match abandoned without a ball being bowled

North v East

North  72 all out       (G.Tidball 23; J.Webb 3-12; S.Ashplant 3-5)

East 73 - 4              (E.Acton 22)

East won by 6 wickets

Men of the Match North G.Tidball; East E.Acton