Critical Toss Lost

(2) Estimated value on the drug market a good £50 to the owners over a £1000 and some irreplaceable items. There is a moral in the tale as the last time the driver stayed at the same group he lost another window and a radio! The side arrived at the ground to be greeted by a magnificently covered playing area, two first class umpires, Alan Hill and Tim Robinson, a confident opposition with some Anderson clones and quality overage players and the forecast of play in four/five hours minimum. Alarm bells ring, if the side batting first occupy for 50 overs we are going to have to go into the reserve day. The Youth Association treasurer quickly calculates the likely additional costs and goes completely grey. Success is great but incredibly expensive to a cash strapped organisation such as Devon . An excellent early lunch taken, umpires ask for team sheets, David Lye having throw downs and in a 1million to one incident the ball ricochets and causes a ghastly cut above Bobby Dawson’s eye and off he goes to hospital. David Court comes in as the second over age player but Dawson has been a key element in the side, is known to the opposition and it is a huge psychological loss to Devon, a huge gain to their opponents. Trevor calls heads, it transpires the options were in fact horses or hearts and Devon bat. It is overcast and damp and somewhat depressing. It gets worst Devon’s talisman Tom Wright (346 runs – avg 58) is bowled by a cut back fourth ball. It gets better as the Sandford pair Richard Foan and Neil Bettiss put on 53 before Foan is caught. Bettiss is joined by David Lye who hits four sweet fours is caught behind off a ball over shoulder height, gets beamed and then for the second time in the week hooks, this time with proper contact and is well held at fine leg. 84-3 off 22 overs. Aaron Williams brings out the sweep, another beamer and Bettiss is in good nick. The pair puts on 30 at 3.33 as Bettiss reaches an excellent 50 and then promptly gets out! Court is trapped in front first ball 114-5 after 30. Concern starts and then seven runs later a direct hit sends Williams back to the pavilion. The skipper Trevor Anning is looking in good shape and Devon now need a partnership. They get an excellent one as Rob Holman and Anning put on 72 off 80 balls. The depth of the Devon batting is one of its strengths as the pair bat confidently working the ball around the County Ground. At 193 Anning was bowled by the bowler who had received two warnings from Robinson and a final product of 220 plus looked less likely. The captain, has been outstanding all season – a key all rounder – and his 45 vital. At 193-7 with 24 balls left a run a ball would be useful, Gibson falls five runs later and two balls later the set Holman was bowled. Still 19 balls left two good cricketers at the crease, Bettiss fresh from his under 17 hundred hopes of 210 still there. It was not to be as Bettiss was bowled on the second ball of the last over 205 all out. Wickets needed now before close of play. Next