Welfare Update - March 2011
An open letter to Welfare Officers
Dear Welfare Officer
RE: Welfare Update

Thank you
This letter is to let you know about the current developments for child safeguarding which may well have an effect on your club.  Thank you for your continued efforts in this valuable role and for all you do not only for your clubs but in contributing to the welfare of children in cricket and beyond.  This is much appreciated.

Safe Hands
First of all you will probably have received a copy of the new version of Safe Hands, Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children This has been updated in October 2010 by the ECB .  A number of documents have been amended and some new ones have been added.  Details of these are listed below:

ECB Directives and Guidance and other Safeguarding Best Practice:
The following Kit Bag Items have been redrafted to provide clearer guidance in line with current legislation and legal responsibilities:

·         KB 4 Responding to, Recording and Reporting Concerns Which Might Arise Within or Outside the Club.

·         KB 10 List of Posts Which Require Vetting Checks

·         KB 8 Guidance on Appointing and Training a Club Welfare Officer

·         KB 9 Guidelines on Appointing Appropriate Staff and Volunteers to Work With Children

·         KB 20 Guidance for Coaches Working With Children

·         KB 21 Guidance for Staff and Volunteers working with children

Addition of the following new Kit Bag Items:

·         KB 34 Guidelines on Safeguarding Disabled Children in Cricket

·         KB 35 E-Safety Guidelines on Communication and Interactive Technologies

It would be worth paying particular attention to the last item which is an addition which has been requested for some time and contains some useful guidance in terms of shaping a policy on these issues for your club. 

Vetting Checks
As you are also aware there have been changes to the CRB form and those of you who are signatories will have been sent details of how these new forms should be completed and signed off.  If you have a query relating to requesting CRB Disclosure Application Forms; completing the ECB CRB application form; following up on the progress of an application(s); or informing of a change of address or contact numbers please contact TMG CRB - 0845 2513000 or email ecb@tmgcrb.co.uk or go to www.tmgcrb.co.uk/cricket.  We might also be able to help locally with some queries so please do contact me if you would like.  The most up to date list of roles which require a vetting check can be found in the Safe Hands Kit Bag.  If you need someone to sign off a CRB form then there is a list of people on the Devon Cricket website. 

Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)
In its recent document 'The Coalition: Our programme for government', the Government set out its aim to 'review the criminal records and vetting and barring regime and scale it back to common sense levels'.  During the review, the Independent Safeguarding Authority will continue to carry out its work as an independent decision making body as well as continuing to maintain the barred lists. They will also continue to accept referrals, full guidance on which is available here. 

Club Mark
Well done to all those clubs who have achieved Club Mark or recently been re-accredited.  There are a number of clubs working towards this award too.  If your club takes the welfare of its junior members seriously and wants to provide a junior section that is recognised as being well organised, the ECB ClubMark accreditation scheme is for you.  Please think about signing up if you haven’t done so already.  Contact details for the cricket office are available. 

Juniors in open age cricket
And finally one area just to remind people on and to encourage people to be clear with others in their clubs about is children playing in open age cricket.  There is guidance on this from the ECB in Safe Hands.  These are revised guidelines so it is worth checking them out and making sure that the relevant people are aware of them.  Please get in touch if there are any queries. 

Thanks for your time and commitment.  Please contact me if you have any issues or questions.

James May

Welfare Officer

Devon Cricket Board Limited

James Mays open letter will also be published in hard copy in the Devon Cricket Board's April Briefing

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