Best Practice C2S Project Template
How does a cricket club get to a place where they have an active link with the school local to them, work in partnership together to have a healthy link and promote your cricket club to the pupils within the school. Its by no means straightforwards however our guidelines and best practice examples below show what a Chance to Shine model programme could do to facilitate this happening.
School Liaison Officer
Have someone in place to work with the schools, give them one point of contact who they always deal with at the club, this person is a vital link and is key to manage any partnership / programme.
Assembly Visit
Assemblies are the best way of having a presence in the school as a whole. Instead of just working with one class you get the whole school! See to the right an example assembly delivered in Exeter in 2008.
Assemblies are a great way of promoting your club and giving out flyers to sign post kids to the club.

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Market the Club
Use posters and flyers to 'sell' your club to the kids at each school your in. Ask the receptionist to put flyers in book bags, that way parents will see them and potentially bring them along!
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Curriculum Coaching
Delivering high quality school time sessions during lesson time is a brilliant way to hook the next generation into the game. These sessions can help ready schools for competition.


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Intra - School Competition
Playing games amongst the school, whether it be a class or year group or even a house competition is all seen as Intra competition. Its a great way to get kids playing games without traveling miles to get a game. 

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Inter School Competition
Playing in festivals and organised competitions (click here to see competitions available) is a great experience for children to get into more competitive forms of cricket. School leagues run by clubs are also effective for helping migration to the club. 
After School Club
A good way of getting the children interested in the game already and those who are 'first timers' to start playing in a structured environment. The beauty by running these sessions is you get the children who actually want to be there. These can also be called 'satellite clubs' and can be used to keep current players in the game and interested, especially in the off season.
Bridging Sessions
A stepping stone session(s) which act as initial contact with player and the cricket club. These breakdown the barrier of the daunting environment of going into a group of established club players. Instead having a session(s) before a normal club session designed for those you have inspired from the school.
“Our involvement in Chance to Shine has been fantastic so far. We have seen an increase in the number of girls attending our club bridging sessions, as a direct result of our Chance to Shine coaching in schools. It has also helped to increase the profile of our club and we have forged strong links with local schools.”

Charlie Dibble - Sidmouth Cricket Club
Teacher Training
If you can get the teachers on board and help them to deliver cricket in the school, this will have a positive impact to your club. Teacher training to cement a legacy of any project is vital. Teacher training is delivered by ECB tutors of the Devon CB, to find out more CLICK HERE

Cricket Activator Courses
Designed for secondary school students 13+ who want to volunteer, a good CV booster for them and a  great help to your club. These courses give the children ideas around umpiring and scoring plus some basic game ideas which could be used on a junior training night at your club! Courses are run centrally by ECB Tutors contact Steve Pritchard to find out more.

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Coach CPD Workshops
Continual Personal Development opportunities can seem to be few and far between. However each year Devon CB run at C2S coaches night, this is a great opportunity to get your coaches along ton find out the latest ideas around coaching in schools and sharing best practice amongst others. This evening is run annually in early April and is FREE of charge!

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