Chance to Shine - Get Involved!
How does my club get involved.....

It's simple! First your club needs to make a priority of developing school club links, this needs to come from a club as a whole, even if its driven by an individual. Secondly working out what the schools are local to you and what capacity you have for any potential new members. Thirdly having a coach to deliver when the school and club need them to, this is often an area where clubs fall down as coaches in some areas are few and far between. Having a dedicated Project Manager / Schools Liaison Officer, someone to act as the oil in the machine making sure timetables are done and necessary admin is completed.

Lastly being able to 'add value' to the project, in terms of voluntary coach delivery, match funding from the club, or match funding from the school. This is a vital element of any project because it means there is 'buy in' from all parties but also ensures the first steps of creating a sustainable future partnership are in place.
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