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The England & Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO) are the body that represents
Umpires and Scorers on behalf of the ECB and are responsible for the Recruitment, Training and Development
of all cricket officials.

One of the outcomes from the National Players Survey was that cricket was more enjoyable for all when
there were Umpires and Scorers provided (be it by a League or a Club).

It is appreciated that there are several loyal volunteers around the county who willingly give up their
valuable time to support their local cricket club and act as an Umpire or Scorer during the season
without enjoying the benefits of ECB ACO membership.
We would suggest that in return for their loyal service the club could, or perhaps even should, offer to pay
the small annual subscription required.
In return the club can feel safe in the knowledge that their Officials are ECB ACO members and will be hold the necessary DBS certification and are more than adequately covered by Insurance, notwithstanding that they will also have access to the latest Education and Training resources.

The Devon Cricket League continues to support the Education and Training of 'new' Umpires for its member clubs
by heavily subsidising Course Fees. 

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